One to One Training

Our varied sessions could contain elements of several different types of workouts described here. Usually lasting one hour, these challenging sessions will help you to shed fat and tone up fast. I always train professionally including targeted dynamic stretching to prevent injury. I train differently with every client, depending upon your goal; travelling through “phase” goals (usually 4 to 8 weeks in each phase) , exactly as professional athletes do. For example, we might work through endurance, strength endurance and towards explosive power; or if you are looking for big muscles we will build up to this hypertrophy in a fast but reliable way.


Ideal for a firm bottom, a tall posture and lean, toned legs; Kettebells are an outstandingly good exercise for both woman and men – Why?
  1. A serious calorie burner. Expect to use up 600 to 800 calories during the workout alone. In addition to that, since they are a resistance exercise you will continue to burn fat many hours after the workout
  2. Excellent fun involving coordination, balance and skill with plenty of progressions
  3. Utilise the core in almost every move sucking in the stomach and improving your posture
  4. Functional with movements similar to daily life reducing injury risk in daily activity
  5. Tone muscles so they are strong and functional but not bulky – especially relevant for women.*
  6. Target the entire back of the body (posterior chain), meaning that you get toned hamstrings, calves, a very firm bottom, a stronger lower back, and a toned upper back. This is very rare amongst exercises.
* For guys and strong girls – I have a range of kettlebells up to some very heavy weights, so if you want increased muscle size that is also easy - just check out the broad, strong chests of the Russian forefounders of kettlebells!.

Circuit Training

Whether it is bodyweight only or weight assisted, circuits are an intense way to quickly work the entire body. They are especially fun when you are training with a partner or your family.  They might contain some challenging balances, dynamic power moves, some aerobic exercise and some sprint intervals. I'll constantly mix them up to keep them entertaining. Bring a towel, you’re going to get sweaty!


I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for many years. These practices can lead to excellent strength versus bodyweight, great posture, a solid core and a host of other well-being and respiratory benefits. I always include inspiration from yoga in my dynamic warm-ups.

Partner  / Family Training / Workplace Fit

If you have a friend with a similar fitness level to yourself, partner training is fun,  highly motivating and excellent value. I also train families of 3 or more; what an amazing way to engage with your partner or children. I can adjust the difficulty of the exercises so that it is suitable for all levels. As I have recently been asked, I am now also exploring workouts at your place of work. 

Resistance Band Workouts

Once you’ve had a session with resistance bands you’ll think that dumbbells are old news. I have a complete collection of resistance bands from light resistance ideal for females who want a toned, slim physique up to seriously strong weights ( how about 150KG of resistance! )
Why I love resistance band exercises :-
  1. Very quick to change between exercises meaning that lots of exercises can be combined – more muscles worked means more calories burned. No more waiting for and finding dumbbells.
  2. Huge variety of movement in all three planes (forward, side, rotation). Because they can be held by the trainer or anchored anywhere you can work in ideal movement patterns 
  3. Versatility – You can work the entire body
  4. Exact Resistance - Combining bands and changing the length of stretch means an unlimited range of resistance
  5. Super fun, super safe.  I only use the best resistance bands you can get which have patented anti-snap technology. This means we can work up to very high resistance without the risk of injury or dropped weights. 

Suspension, Rings, Mini Parallels, Floor

Ring and supsension exercises are very fun, exceptional for the core and give a very balanced, strong and defined physique. There is a level of skill to balancing and elevating yourself on rings, so they are a fantastic tool for goal setting and a real sense of personal achievement.
For clients with already strong cores, my mini parallel bars will propel them to further strength with some seriously challenging isometric holds taken from the training manuals of world class gymnasts.
Floorwork could involve working up balance and strength towards headstands or handstands and progressing further with power balances inspired by yoga and gymnastics.