I trained with Si for three years. He is a really awesome trainer who really helps you reach your full potential and goals and who cares a lot. I have got cerebral palsy that affects my arms, legs and mobility which means I need a lot of help and support. Simon gave me that help and assistance which led us to build a long lasting friendship which I think is important when you are going to be training someone on a regular basis. He also took me swimming and on nights out as well as training.


​Simon Drye has been my personal trainer now for nearly 2 years. At all times I have found Simon to be excellent at his job. His knowledge of fitness is fantastic. He is dependable, reliable and hard working. Simon is always happy and cheerful and always makes working out great fun and is always very encouraging.


I've been training with Simon since November 2013 & I'm glad I discovered him! I was a keen exerciser already but felt I'd reached a plateau and become a little bored with my current routine. Simon worked with me on strength endurance training pushing me into new zones with frequent challenges. I can definitely see a more toned, defined shape to my body which I'm loving! Simon's sessions are fun as well as tough...he is clearly passionate about what he does & that helps really drive you to succeed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, regardless of what level of fitness you're currently at! 


Simon is a great personal trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough, kind and fun. He gives great feedback and encouragement and takes a genuine interest in helping you to improve yourself - not just physically but mentally and emotionally for when you meet those “walls” and worries. Thanks to working with Simon on a combination of food planning and exercise I am stronger, fitter, I have better balance and most importantly I look forward to my workouts with him. In my three months of training with him, no two sessions have ever been he same. He has a cunning way of getting you to exercise harder than you ever thought possible whilst being very cheerful about it! If i could, I would have a session everyday!

Sunny Ruthu - April 2014

 Simon is a competent and knowledgeable trainer, very approachable and provides lots of encouragement which inspires self believe.
 I needed some tips and certain exercises to strengthen my core and abs. Using his expertise, Simon put me through several different easy to remember, strenuous but enjoyable exercises. As a result, I can now go away and train the same exercises in my own time.  I recommend him as a personal trainer without a doubt!

HirAmoni SHarma - March 2014

'I have always been regular with my exercise regime but training with Simon gave me a whole new perspective to fitness. He has the ability to find the best fitness programme based on individual needs and he works as a team to help his clients' achieve those goals. His advice on nutrition has particularly helped me planning a balanced diet to get best results. It's been a pleasure training with Simon; I reccomend him as a
trainer with versatility, intelligence and discipline. His attitude is inspiring, his knowledge is exceptional and he is a lot of fun too.''


I have trained regularly with Simon since the beginning of 2014 and I have found him to always be motivational and innovative in making the sessions appropraite, rewarding, interesting and fun.
Over my time with him, I have requried different styles of sessions and programmes that have been tailored to meet my ever changing requriements - some in prepration for triathlons, some for skiing, some to maintain fitness and activity safely through times of recovey from injury and some just motivational through busy or stressful times.  He has also taken account of my wider wellbeing and assisted with diet planning and my stress / work / life / sleep balance as well as regular monitoring of body compositon and size etc.
Truth be told, there are times that I would happily throttle him, usually towards the end of an intense session.  However, together we have got through these and I am maintaining my motivation and enthusiasm for staying fit, and thus in better health and things are looking good as I appraoch my 60th birthday.

Ashkan Alavi - Jan 2014

With my full time business i had let my diet and workouts slip over the last year. I had kept going to the gym occasionally but it had become a bit stale. Simon has ben a huge boost to get me big on fitness again. I'm much more aware of what i'm eating and I know how to get great workouts in less that 40 minutes which is awesome for my hectic schedule. It's been challenging, but so worth it. I'm feeling ripped!

Air Dvarakas - Jan 2014 

I've always been into fitness and have been a regular gym goer but I never managed to get quite as lean as I wanted. Getting rid of the last few inches of bodyfat around my waist has been extremely hard and although i tried some extreme diets it seemed like I was losing muscle at the same time. Simon suggested a particular diet that was more manageable in the long term to lose that weight and has shown me the meaning of intensity in our gym sessions. I'm finally well on my way to shredding the excess weight.

Kiwayne Campbell - Dec 2013

Si has been a big inspiration for me.  I've exceeded all the goals we set 8 weeks ago, not just because his excercises are interesting, but most of all because he is passionate about what he does. He is always researching and finding out about excercise variations and nutrition and loves finding out detailed answers for any specific questions that i have - you can tell he loves his job, and genuinely wants to please his clients;  for me that sets him apart from many other PT's I've seen.

Dan W - Dec 2013

I trained with Si in Windsor. He always brought something fresh to the table, for example mixing kettlebells with tornado ball training and sprints which was the most intense workout i've had. He is good guy, very switched on and great fun to train with.