Nutrition Packages

A: Meal Plan Analysis - £50

  • Initial Dietary Consultation (15 mins by phone or in person)
  • 7 Day Bespoke meal plan created according to goals and eating preferences
  • Debrief consultation including questions and answers (15 mins by phone or in person)

C: Premium - Meal Plans and Report £125

  • Meal Plan Analyis ( See A )
  • Detailed Nutrition Report ( See B )
  • Two further follow up consultations including Q & A- Usually one week and one month after results (each is 20 mins by phone)
Client must provides detailed 7 day food diary. Results in 1 week.

B: Detailed Nutrition Report - £99

  • Initial Dietary Consultation by (20 mins, phone / in person)

Detailed Report Provided

  • Full Macro and Micro dietary analysis (Protein, Fats, Carbs, Salt, Transfats, Vitamins and Minerals, Snack quality, Hydration etc)
  • Full Spectrum Analysis of 24 essential Vitamins and Minerals showing if RDA has been reached.
  • Explanation of 24 Vitamins and Minerals – Overview, Benefits and Where to find them in foods – linked to deficiency results.
  • Summary, Commentary and Goals
  • Supplementation and natural power food recommendations 
  • 'Fast Goals' sheets provided to support quickly achieving results.
  • Debrief Consultation by (up to 20 mins,  phone / in person). 
Client must provides detailed 7 day food diary. Results in 1 week.

D: Ultimate - Fully Tailored Review, Analysis, Coaching and Support - £250

This is the most premium package. Everthing you need to know to
  • Optimize your diet to reach goals fast
  • Maintain your goals for long term health and weight management
  • Self educate with the ability to plan and improve eating habits continually

It will be completely tailored to you and I will fully support you for 3 months. You will learn immensely about good health and nutrition. Example components this may include.

  • Full Reports as above with custom emphasis
  • Lifestyle and food habits - review and improve
  • Optimizing your food budget and food sourcing
  • Meal planning and preparation for family or mixed goals
  • Food labelling coaching
  • Tool, Techniques and Technology for diet improvement (App and website recommendations)
  • Social situations, the psychology of food and managing cravings
  • Health and Healing from Natural Foods
  • Advice on custom diets and full education (e.g. Ketogenic Diets)
  • Book Recommendations and Lending
  • Unlimited consultation by phone or email for 3 months
  • Monthly meet in person during 3 month period. 

How Nutrition is essential for great results

No muscles are made in the gym! Everything that happens in the gym is catabolic, breaking the body down. Muscles then, are made in the kitchen by refueling ourself well and during deep sleep when growth hormone is released and we can repair and rebuild muscle.
It’s not surprising that most fitness experts say that nutrition is equally if not more important than the actual exercises we perform. Its unfortunate that many gym goers perform good routines in the gym, but don’t lose the weight they want to or gain the muscles they crave. Why – because they are either not refueling in an optimal way or they are simple over consuming calories. There is not way around it - Nutrition is completely fundamental to achieving fitness goals. Below is an wxample of how i have worked with clients.

An example 6 stage approach i have used with clients

1. Lifestyle Analysis

Usually this looks like a tick box exercise about you, your work, when you are available to train etc. I take lifestyle analysis further, trying to understand what will motivate you, what your budget for food is, what barriers you have, what are your particular dislikes and likes, how you like to cook and even whether you shop online or not. This will help me to tailor precise advise to you that you can reasonably undertake in your daily life around all your other commitments.
It’s pointless for me to say Asparagus & Kale are superfoods and what you need, when I find out that you’re supermarket doesn’t stock them, or you don’t know how to cook them, or you’ve tried them and you find them horrible!

2. Macronutrient Analysis

I can understand your proportion of Protein, Carbs and Fat intake by analysing your usual diet. We can also understand your Total Daily calorific needs based on your lifestyle. For your convenience we can do the food diary in a number of ways. You can write the foods down, or you can photograph them, or if you have a particular App on your phone that you like using, you can do this. I’ve even had a client voice record all the food he ate on his phone. At this point, the fitness goals from your lifestyle analysis can compared to your macronutrient analysis diving into specific detail that is relevant for you – for example sources of healthy fats which are both essential and frequently missing from the modern diet.

3. Metabolic Typing and Oxidiser Test

Following on from your macronutrient analysis, this oxidizer test helps to understand how you prefer, digest and utilise different Macronutrients.  I can provide it you in a convenient online format that you can complete in your own time (15 mins!) . I’ll let you know the results, factoring the significance of the score. I find the oxidizer test extremely useful because it helps us to co-plan a diet around a balance of Protein / Carbs and Fats that works for your body type and your food cravings. We are all different, with different size digestive organs and different enzyme capacities, which I why I believe that a one size fits all approach to healthy eating is flawed. I’ll work with your body type and what you like to eat.

4. Micronutrient Analysis

Reviewing your consumption of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre. I have devised a special database tool to quickly generate results for you and identify potential weak areas in your diet across 24 vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

5. Nutrient deficiency check

The health of our body and all its systems has been extensively linked to the variety and quality of our intake of minerals and vitamins. Building on from the previous analysis and based upon comprehensive scientific research I can try to source the root dietary cause of things like headaches, insomnia, skin, nail and hair condition etc. I am not a Doctor and cannot claim to precisely identify particular conditions. However, with the suggestion I have made - many clients find that subtle changes to their diet based on this analysis have significantly reduced or eliminated symptoms that they have suffered.

6. Goal Setting

From this rich and detailed information, realistic short, medium and long term goals can be set. Again these will be specific to you and which particular areas we can focus on. It might be that your diet is already great, but there are always subtle areas that can be worked on. It might be that significant changes can be made, but we will set these out in a realistic and measured way. If you are eating white bread with jam every day, is it realistic to force you onto a healthier bread with no sugar overnight ? – of course not – you’ll resent the change or give up on it overnight1 Small changes like cutting 4 biscuits a day down to 2, or 2 sugars in coffee down to one, can add up to huge incremental changes that form a solid base for a progressively healthier diet in the long run.