About Me

Hi, I'm Simon Drye.
I am a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer. Creativity, Intensity and fun are essential parts of any workout. I will help you stay motivated and guide you to your dream body. I have a range of options for all budgets and availability. 

Reaching your goal

As an ex consultant, I am programmed towards achieving results and targets in the quickest and best way possible. My foremost concern is that you get exactly the body you are looking for. I stake my reputation on you achieving what you want. I can visualise your results; can you?

Nutrition and Motivation

A great body is first imagined and believed in the mind, crafted through excercise and most importantly, built by nutrition. I will design you a bespoke fitness programme, guide you with a personal nutrition plan and help support and motivate you from day one.

Enjoying Training

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting results is crazy. Also why use methods that you don't like just because everyone else is. I'm here to discover the training system and creative methods that you'll both enjoy and get results from.